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How to Make the Best SEO for WooCommerce?

WooCommerce is a plugin for WordPress that turns the CMS into an online store, highly optimized for SEO. It is perhaps the fastest growing platform for e-shop creation today. You may have an online store, and you have put all your efforts into making it look stunning, and yet, the sales do not come.

In that case, you should define a strategy to increase the SEO of your e-shop. This way, you will achieve the necessary positioning in Google to make conversions. It is essential that you know which are the most effective techniques to achieve better positions, and where you can find top-line assistance to achieve it.

How to Do Incredible Optimization for WooCommerce?


The main mistake regarding keywords is that they are not correctly researched. The usual thing is that people use the words that they imagine will help their products to be positioned. Extraordinary keyword research is vital for an e-shop on this platform. Keep in mind that voice search is increasingly used, so don't forget to research phrases and longer keywords.


A flawless mapping will prevent issues such as having multiple pages addressed to the same keyword. You would then be competing with yourself. Keep in mind that you should not assign keywords to products but for categories. Remember that you may change the product, or it may run out.


You must make sure that the URLs you use are optimized for SEO. They must be readable, without complications, structures, or enigmas. Keep in mind that if the URL is easy for the user, it will also be accessible for Google robots. Don't forget to use the 301 redirections in case you need to make modifications.


If you use the manufacturer's description, you'll be repeating what 500 other e-shops say so that Google won't take you into account. Create unique content that delivers value to your visitors. Think about what you can remove or add to make your store unique. Never forget that content is king in digital business. Use links, additional information that gives something different to your users.


Despite being an old technique, breadcrumbs are very useful for improving positioning in WooCommerce. They make things easier for the user, so they increase usability and enhance the experience.

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SEO for WooCommerce